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  • Vacation planning

    When planning a vacation, we usually want the upcoming one to be spent in a different and special way. We don’t always succeed because we repeat our previous habits or we do what the environment expects of us. Probably someone is happy with it and bursts with energy, but it’s usually not us! Therefore, it […]

  • I have been looking for the best boat plans for about two years now and believe I have finally found them. I have been compiling a lot of data on this topic and believe I can offer some good advice to others who may be searching for the same thing. The main reason I wanted […]

  • The Whitehaven series of performance cruising catamarans represents an accumulation of design development and build techniques that have been developed by Ross Blair and Mark Pescott over 14 years since the Whitehaven series were first drawn. From the outset, the Whitehaven series of catamarans was designed with ease and pleasure of sailing foremost in mind. […]

  • Budget boat

    Who of us does not dream of an unforgettable holiday in the warm corners of our globe.Such rest is an opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure, as well as the opportunity to recharge your batteries. An extremely interesting proposition for everyone interested in this subject should be free boa plans amuninum. Wanting to find out […]

  • Alu multi hulls…

    Aluminum boats are products that are characterized not only by excellent quality, but above all by durability, solidity and durability. They are most often chosen by anglers, but not only because they have a lot of their fans who simply love them. Aluminum boats are some of the best you can find on the market […]

  • This article discusses the process of building a plywood canoe and provides you with the plans to do so. Plywood canoes are great for outdoor recreation, but they also make excellent fishing boats. Introduction to the canoe A canoe is a small, narrow vessel pointed at both ends and open on top, typically propelled by […]

  • Multihuls Best Plans

    Free boat plans are made of the best quality materials, thanks to which they impress with their great quality. They are produced by the best producers, so you can be sure that they will guarantee great durability and strength. When you go on a real sea adventure, you cannot miss them. free boat plans will […]

  • Boat building is a great hobby. However, many people don’t have the time or money to pursue this pastime. Background of Boat Building Boat building is an ancient craft that has been passed down through generations. It is a complex process that requires a variety of skills and tools. In recent years, boat builders have […]

  • Aluminum sail catamarans are especially recommended for people who love sea adventures. Their very important advantage is that they move really fast, and most importantly, they can accommodate several people. Choosing this type of boat is an investment for many years that you will certainly not regret. High-quality Aluminum Shutter Catamarans ensure safe and comfortable […]

  • The Firefly 850 One Design is a stylish, fast, exciting coastal racing or weekend cruising cata¬maran. The hulls are wide enough to provide a cozy double berth while weight and construction costs are kept to a minimum. The boat has the added advantage of being demountable so it can be trailed to races or cruising […]